If you couldn't access your IT network for a day, what would the cost to your business be? If all your client data disappeared, how would you get it back? How long would that take? Would your customers wait for you?

Flooded server rooms, misplaced back-up tapes, hardware failure, power surges, power outages, corrupted data, accidental deletion, hacking, theft & virus infection are all very real risks to all of us. If you don't have appropriate security solutions in place, then, quite frankly, you're flirting with danger. And if you don't have an appropriate DR plan in place when the worst happens, then you're in real trouble.

From simple online back-up to managed firewalls, from email/web filtering to virtualised failover servers, Microtek Support will work with you to define the most appropriate security and DR solutions for your business, taking into account any relevant statutory or regulatory obligations to ensure that our recommendations are proportionate and correctly aligned to your commercial and operational requirements.

Cloud Back-Up

A business without its data isn't a business for long. If all your client data was lost, how would you get it back? How long would that take? What would that cost in terms of downtime? Microtek's cloud back-up services allow you to automatically send your encrypted data securely to our data centre where it can be accessed and restored at short notice. It's extremely safe, secure & efficient and has none of the human error risks associated with traditional tape back-up.

Server Availability

Depending on your RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) & RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) priorities, Microtek Support can take a snapshot of your systems and data at any intervals from every 15 minutes to every 4 hours. Many clients are happy to have this stored as a flat file which we can use to restore systems in the event of a failure, but if you're looking for a solution that minimises downtime even further, then we can have a dedicated cloud server primed and ready to deploy as quickly as anyone in the industry.

Cloud Web Security

As your staff & infrastructure become ever more widely distributed, you need a security solution that protects your network & users everywhere. Microtek Support has a wealth of experience in designing & deploying industry-leading cloud email & web security solutions utilising a blend of products from some of the most trusted names in the industry.

Managed Firewalls

Firewalls are a key part of any IT security infrastructure, but managing multiple firewalls across many sites can be a real headache. Our managed firewalls are the perfect solution, delivering lower start-up and operating costs and better scalability than owning or managing them in-house.

Endpoint Security

Laptops, mobiles, tablets, even good old-fashioned desktops ‒ if it connects to your network, then it's an endpoint. For over a decade, Microtek Support has been a trusted partner of some of the leading endpoint security companies on the planet, ensuring you are fully protected against viruses, malware, spam and unauthorised access.